Friday, October 20, 2006


Friends would/wouldnt....what would you friends do for you or what wouldnt they do?? Do they know your darkest secrets and know to keep it that way? Do you have a best friend or someone you have grown up with - shared good times and bad - what would or wouldnt you do for them? Remember to share your links with us and watch out for some upcoming EXCITING news!! ITS GOING TO BE BIG!!

Our guest this week is the fabulous Alicia Grimm.









Heather said...

Wonderful as always, some super pictures & designs, great inspiration. Thanks

Jennie said...

I've never really visited this site before, and it is really wow!! I really must make a serious attempt to do one of the challenges. Actually this week's is totally up my street!@

Laura said...

I LOVE it !!

As always well-done Ladies. Keep up the fabbo work! (Friday nights i purposefully stay up late so that i can see the new challenge!!

Already have mine planned :-P

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Beautiful, meaningful LOs this week - love them all. Getting my thinking cap on... Of course, I'm jonnie-no-mates, so it's a toughie!

Paula said...

These designs get more awesome each week... Debbie, I love the buttons girly!!!

Paula said...

Love the theme this week. Such lively pages.

scrappyfairy said...

Hi guys
I managed to do this one as part of the scrapitude cyber crop which was good..
Love the dare by the way. A really nice one.
I did mine about my cat LOL! I do have other friends really.. but this one doesnt steal my choc!!!


love and hugs

Bex said...

WOW I came across this site a couple of days ago and what can I say - FANTASTIC!
I have had a stab at the friends challenge - although it is only my third LO so go gentle with me please!
Feedback appreciated
And I will be checking back for the next one!!
Love Bex (Pics or click my name above!)

Bex said...

Ok so no comments means it was pants!!!
Will go off and practise before joining in again me thinks!!!


Clare said...

Bex - it is not pants!! its lovely and bright and a great photo. Im sure all the girls will get round to seeing it as soon as they can :) I tried to comment earlier but blogger was having non of it LOL

scrapdolly said...

Ladies fab pages and great subject

Done with an hour to spare

Here is mine - please take a peek cos she is veeeeeery speshal

Kathy said...


Just to let you know I've just loaded my first ever LO for one of your dares onto my blog.
Thanks for the inspiration, I need all I can get if there are to be enough pages in this book to make it worth wrapping up at Christmas!