Saturday, December 09, 2006


How many times have you wished you could write a letter to someone you love that would say exactly what you feel? be it someone far away, someone no longer with us, or someone young for the future. At this time we often think of loved ones and family and friends far away. Go find a pen and paper and write down your thoughts, write a letter - use your own handwriting, no computer generated journalling, and make a LO with that letter for the person(s) you love.






susan j said...

What a fantastic idea!! LOVIN' your LO's too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LOs ladeeez :D And what a fantastic challenge - might have a few to base on this idea.

Paula said...

SO many possibilities. Love the details of Ali´s page and the flow of Elaine´s, the bling in JenniĆ©s and the colours in Aj´s.