Friday, February 02, 2007


This week we have something extra speshal. Our dare is 'On the cards' - we challenge you to make a scrapbook page that is also a card, any size you like as long as it will fit in one of your albums - we have made ours to give as valentines cards, but you can chose another theme if you wish. For this weeks dare we have joined forces with the talented girls over at Daring Card Makers and all worked on the same theme - but from 2 different perspectives - we turned scrapping into cards - they turned cards into srcapping! The results are all so different. Take a look at the DCM site and see what they came up with too.

All techniques and products used can be found on the girls personal blogs - and dont forget to leave a link to your dare - everyone who takes part and leaves us a link gets a ticket into the monthly draw for a prize :o)














Lythan said...

Oooh yummy scrummy faberoonie. These are all just oozing with awesomeness!
(My word verification is eeeook which kind of describes the noise I made when looking at the talent here. Oh I mean the scrap pages not the men. But they are very nice too!)

Heather said...

Oh my how wonderful those are girls, amazing! This snuck up on me while I was posting on last weeks LOL!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

OH WOWZERS!!!!!!!.....
Girls just beautiful.... Your ART reflects your LOVE.... Wonderful..

Rachel said...

fantastic cards girls, I love them all

Roz Roz said...

Oh I likey, gonna have a go at this one, great ideas and scrummy cards.

Kathy said...

Oh WOW!!!!!! these are just fantastic, I love them all, couldn't begin to pick a favourite because every single one is stunning.
It's been such a fantastic challenge, I really enjoyed having a go at this one, it's going to be such fun to keep checking back to see how the scrappers and Card stalwarts respond!

Keryn Campbell said...

Love every single one of your cards/los. It's been great working with you.

Kelly said...

Oh wow! You pages / card are just devine!

Caz said...

They are all fab....will have to have a go at this one over the weekend.

Heather said...

All done,tis on my bloggy blog. Lovely dare to do, thanks girls, again, for such wonderful inspiration.

Shirley said...

I couldn't NOT take part in this one eh? Tis on the blog just don't look!
But my oh my the talent of you girls amazes and scares the pants off me!

Lynne.x said...

Wonderful work ladies, many thanks.
I've really enjoyed the joint dare.

scrapdolly said...

Great challenge though I may have missed the point! I did try ..... honest!

Mine is here

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hi from Singapore !

First time taking part in any kind of scrapbooking dare !

thanks for the challenge !

mine's up on my blog @

Tracie H said...

Your work is as ever amazing.
Thanks for the prompt.
My card is here
if you wanna peep!

Skippie said...

The talent here is just AWESOME.

This is the first ever time that I've tried anything like this. Not sure if I've actually 'got' it or lost th plot but I did try, honest guv!
You can see mine here:

Charlotte said...

These are all so fab and so individual, love them all

Mine is here (better late than never ;)! ) Its sort of a card/lo combo...

Susan said...

What amazing cards!!! Each one is like a picture-worth-a-thousand-words. What a lot of talented women you are!

I loved taking part in this challenge with you all, too. It added a lot to the whole experience - thank you! :-)