Friday, September 29, 2006


I think this has to be the hardest week so far!! Not only does it eliminate half the population but it means you have to remember something HE SAID!! LOL Only joking! Your take on this layout could be so meaningful but then again it could be SO light hearted - the choice is yours :)

Remember to share your layouts via a link in the comments section :)

This weeks guest is the lovely Fiona Beckman








lyzzydee said...

Beeping hell they are lovely !! I am very fond of Clares, a real tear jerker!!

Suzanne said...

oooh so inspiring, as ever, loved the journalling on these ones!

scrappyfairy said...

as always - pure fab entries and fab title.. your dares are one of the highlights of my week!!

here is my go

Lousette said...

Wow ... all gorgeous - I particularly love Clare and Kirsty's LO's. Hee hee, can relate a lot to Kirsty, I have many shoes/trousers/shirts *delete as applicable* that does not meet with approval from "him".

Tracie H said...

WOWZER! Simply Stunning....lovin Fiona's.
Thinking cap is on....

Kel said...

Okay, this is only my 2nd ever layout, so please be gentle with me! I think it looks a bit basic, but I didn't want to overdo it. This is the first dare to really grab me, so I hope it's the first of many!
He Said

Clare said...

Kel I cant get access to your LO and Id love to see it! I think you might need to make your album public so we can all see?

Kel said...

Ooh, sorry, try this

Clare said...

that works! awwww - its great hun! thanks for playing :D

Michelle said...

Here's my entry:

Love all of yours, as always!

Elfin said...

they are all fantastic layouts. Thanks for the inspiration.

My layout is on my blog.

Jools said...

Fab LO's, thanks, and I've actually done my first ever dare:


chloe said...

amazing pages as always - i've posted mine on my blog and I've also finally got round to putting last week's challenge on my blog too