Thursday, September 20, 2007

#63 - Summertime (and the living is easy!)

Welcome to our new weekly upload slot of Thursday at 8pm! This fits in better with our schedules and we hope that it also gives you more time to mull over our weekly themes and perhaps work on them either at home or crop over the weekend. Also, we have decided to split down into two groups and each group will be working on bringing more beautiful projects to you on alternate weeks.

Our theme this week took us back longingly to those hot, lazy, Summer days (yes there were one or two amidst all the rain!) so we have a lot of lovely bright, bold colours to see us through now the nights are getting shorter (and chillier). We hope you enjoy playing along with us this week and remember to link to your work in our comments section so that we can pay you a visit and see how you have played with the theme this week.

Also we are sending BIG congratulations to Fiona for being drawn as the winner of our Postcards challenge (and what an incredibly inspiring experience to commemmorate!).






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